A Message From NAHRO’s CEO & President

January 7, 2021
Yesterday, we witnessed a dangerous assault on our democracy.  

Rioters scaled the Capitol walls, assaulted law enforcement, and stormed the Senate and House chambers with the intent of disrupting the peaceful transfer of power, a revered concept and tradition. It was horrifying to watch Members of Congress and Congressional staff, many of whom work in partnership with NAHRO and our members, placed in danger. This assault, coupled with the incendiary words of the mob’s leaders, should not and will not be tolerated.  

We may disagree with one another, we may have diverse political beliefs, but we must condemn yesterday’s violent, criminal attack on our Capitol, and any future attempts to subvert our democracy and the will of the people.  

Sunny Shaw, NAHRO President
Adrianne Todman, NAHRO CEO