Established in 2019, the Mary E. Paumen Leadership Scholarship will fund NAHRO professional and leadership development opportunities for commissioners, employees, and resident council leaders in the region. Scholarship recipients will be afforded an opportunity to participate in a broad range of training, seminars, certifications, leadership development experiences, and research internships, either domestically or internationally.

To be eligible for the Mary E. Paumen Leadership Scholarship, applicants must be either a commissioner, an employee, or a resident council leader of a MARC NAHRO agency member.

About Mary E. Paumen:

Mary E. Paumen was an amazing leader, teacher, and mentor. During her 25 years of service, she held numerous leadership positions at the chapter, regional, national, and international levels, among which included MARC NAHRO president and vice president of the NAHRO International standing committee.

She partnered with the Biloxi Housing Authority and several other authorities that were affected by hurricanes to help in their recovery. She developed training courses on Low Income Housing Tax Credits for PHAs and a development course for PHAs. As Director of the Housing Authority Resource Center for the Local Initiatives Support Corp. (LISC), Ms. Paumen co-sponsored three symposia with NAHRO on development and financing for the public housing industry. She represented NAHRO at the 2nd UN Conference on Human Settlements in 1996, served as a member of the United States Delegation to the UN/ECE Committee on Human Settlements, 1987-1999, where she organized a panel showcasing the opportunities and benefits of public-private partnerships.

Mary E. Paumen’s illustrious career as a public servant, teacher, and mentor profoundly impacted the region and hundreds of industry professionals.