NAHRO President’s Statement on the American Families Plan

In response to the release of the White House’s American Families Plan, NAHRO President Sunny Shaw made the following statement:  

NAHRO applauds the American Families Plan’s provisions on universal preschool and other educational resources, affordable child care, expanded school meal programs, and other initiatives that will give children and families the additional support they need to thrive. When children and families thrive, the communities and the country thrive. Universal preschool access, equitable education funding, and access to resources such as healthy food are all priorities that NAHRO supports in its 2021 legislative agenda and in its diversity, equity, and inclusion policy framework.  

This plan does not include dedicated housing resources for families, namely a robust expansion of the federal housing voucher program. Safe, affordable housing is a fundamental stabilizing force in everyone’s life. Without a stable place to live, it’s much more difficult to keep afloat, much less succeed.