The NAHRO Constitution states, “the purpose of the organization is to improve the standards and practices of all phases of administration […] and to develop and improve the professional standards involved in the administration” of housing and community development programs.

Professional Development has been a primary service to NAHRO members and others in the industry for over 75 years. In the past 30 years, NAHRO has provided members and non-members alike with professional education and designations.


  • Gain relevant skills and knowledge to effectively execute job responsibilities;
  • Attain a professional designation(s) as part of career development;
  • Stand out to employers with demonstrated knowledge in the fields of housing and community development
  • Learn at your own pace

You will find that every seminar fits into one or more certification pathway. You can also take any one of our seminars as a single learning event.

Bring NAHRO Training to Your Agency – Including e-Learning!
Did you know that you can bring almost any NAHRO seminar and certification product to your agency? If multiple members of your agency’s staff require professional education, contracting with NAHRO for an on-site training can be a smart – and affordable – investment. The on-site approach allows instructors to devote more time to issues that are specific to your organization. The on-site approach also reduces or eliminates travel time along with lodging and transportation costs for your staff. And, depending upon the number of staff members that participate in the training, the per-person cost for the training product can be significantly lower than our regular registration fee. We can also make many of our e-Learning sessions available to your agency through our on-site model. Whatever your training needs, NAHRO will work with you to design an on-site program that meets your budget and is scheduled with your agency’s calendar in mind. For more information, please contact Shelli Scrogum, Regional Service Officer at or call 940-521-9982.

Why Multiple Certifications?
The affordable housing programs most closely associated with NAHRO members require a vast array of both task and process oriented education. NAHRO recognizes that its associates need training opportunities that provide technical knowledge, skills and, abilities with federal rules/regulations, as well as guidance and mastery in the critical thinking associated with program, portfolio, and grants management. For that reason, certifications have been organized into levels for Specialists, Operational Managers, and Executives. NAHRO also believes that candidates will experience career growth through and during certification. Professional Development is about growing technicians, executives, and leaders through a comprehensive and thoughtful series of certifications.


April 1 – 3: NSPIRE for Housing Choice Voucher
Trainer: Dennis Morgan

​April 2 – 3: HCV Portability
Trainer: Adel Hsu

​April 15 – 19: Family Self – Sufficiency
Trainer: Adel Hsu

​April 23 – 26: How to Effectively Manage Your Maintenance Program
Trainer: Wayne Hood

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